Monument Signs vs Pylon Signs
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Monument Signs vs Pylon Signs

When you are facing deciding on signage for attracting customers to your business, you may have an idea in mind. Nevertheless, when you begin to shop around, you’ll discover that there are 2 types of signs that can accomplish this. A pylon sign and a monument sign may sound right, but only one type is going to provide your business with an advantage. Both solutions can display your business logo and corporate identity, so how are they different from each other?

Monument Signs or Pylon Signs

The primary difference between a monument sign and a pylon sign is going to be height. A typical monument sign is usually a little short of 5 feet tall, while a pylon sign can be noticed from hundreds of feet away, because of its immense height.

Attributes of Monument Signs

Monument signs are designed primarily for corporations and businesses that stand itself. This signage alternative is hardy, sustainable, and made only for the outdoors. They may also add refinement and professionalism to commercial properties.

Attributes of Pylon Signs

You can think of pylon signs the taller brother of monument signs, because it mixes elements of monument signs but places the sign on display by way of poles. Additionally, you will sometimes find that numerous brands or businesses are utilizing the pylon sign, which is the reason pylon signs are common sights around multiple tenant buildings, strip malls, and the like.

You might think that a pylon sign is the solution to your business needs, but that’s not exactly the case. A lot of areas have a mixture of zones, particularly if your business is located close to both residential and commercial locations. Whereas having a super tall pole sign can make your business stand above the rest, it might be out of place inside the neighborhood.

When To Decide on a Monument Sign

Is your business located somewhere more isolated or in a residential area? Is much competition close to you? Anytime your business is located near residences, you want to think about installing a monument sign. Also, you might have to face city rules and regulations, therefore, monument signs are most likely the safest route.

If you are worried about visibility, don’t forget you can add LED features to your monument sign. You can add text and/or other images to grab the attention of pedestrians and drivers alike.

When To Decide on a Pylon Sign

When should you decide on a pylon sign for your business? There are things to think about. Primarily, if your commercial property or business is located around storage facilities, manufacturing warehouses, and other businesses similar to yours, then installing a pylon sign is the right choice. Not only will you stand out from the desert of warehouses and storefronts, but you will also notify drivers of your business.

Likewise, when your business is located by a road, highway, or possibly an interstate, the right way your business is going to be seen is when you bring your sign up to the eyesight of the passing drivers.

Are you a shopping center owner? Then installing a pylon is a perfect way to bring together the image of the plaza and provide the businesses a place to increase their visibility.


Monument Sign and Pylon Sign Estimates in Salt Lake City, Utah

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