Monument Signs
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What is a Monument Sign?

If you are seeking to spruce up your business by purchasing a monument sign, look no further than Davis Signs Utah! Monument signs are a wise investment to help your Ogden, Utah business stand out from the crowd. Lets take a look at monument sign costs and why your business needs one.

When talking about the use of outdoor signage with business clients, it quickly starts inquiring about attracting the attention of motorists. Since some business venues are located in such ways that their buildings’ fronts are settled in a parking lot and are not instantly seen from the road, consumers may just drive past them. Some will turn around and visit the location, specifically if you are dealing with a retailer who has abundant competition right down the street.

When suggesting placing a sign closer to the entrance of a parking lot, many members of the local business community are not sure if this will work. So, what exactly is a monument sign, and why does your business need one (of course you do)?

Monument Signs are Landmarks

Have you found that a lot business owners place their monument signs near the front entrances of parking lots? Many fast-food places a lot of the time put a second product close to the entrance of their drive-through. The reasoning is clear: monuments are landmarks that attract driver’s attention. This allows motorists to switch lanes and make it into your business’s parking lot. When they arrive, they are a lot more likely to finish the purchase.

Monument signs also encourage impulsive stops. These kinds of stop occur when a motorist notices your business’ information and chooses to visit your business on an impulse. Most often, passengers and specifically children also impact this decision. Basically, the monument sign can be the sole exterior sign that heightens your foot traffic and thusly increase the probability of an impulse buy. Even if a customer just stops in to inquire about your services, think that this communication may not have happened without the landmark that conveys your presence at that location.

Design Choices for a Fully Customizable Monument Signs

Previously, brick-and-mortar construction was normal. Today, you have additional options. Instances include pre-formed foam monument signs that easily imitate the appearance of brick and stucco, post and panel layouts that include electrical cabinetry, and metal with acrylic signage that appeals to a modern demographic.

Illumination can be built-in with LEDs or provided by externally by landscaping spotlights. Many businesses have had outstanding success with the incorporation of illuminated channel letters with their nuts and bolts or foam products. Whilst others are keen to the notion of featuring metal with push through acrylic letters that illuminate from inside of the sign. Pick from shapes that show curves, linear edges, or displayed as triangles, squares, and possibly columns.

Ordering Monument Signs

What are monument signs, if not an opportunity to express your brand in a way making it stand out more to the portion of customers that drive past locations at high rates of speed? Instead of choosing a design because of another business has it, discuss your ideas with our graphic artists. We examine the zoning regulations that oversee your area, which establishes an acceptable sizing. Following that, we help you pick a material and display mixture that brings to light the message you wish to convey.

Monument Sign Estimates in Salt Lake City, Utah

Davis Signs Utah can provide free sign estimates for customers from Ogden to Salt Lake City and surrounding areas. Get a free monument sign estimate by giving Davis Signs Utah a call today at 801-823-3100.

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