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Custom Neon Sign Costs 2022

On average, custom neon signs will cost $350 in the U.S., with prices ranging anywhere from $200-$1,000+. These prices will depend on a variety of factors, including sizing and complexity of the project, according to Davis Signs.

Factors Impacting The Cost Of Neon Signs

There are three factors that can dramatically alter the price of neon signs, including:


As expected, the size of the sign can either increase or decrease the total price tag. The larger the project is, the more it will cost. For example, here are a few typical costs per size:

18″ by 24″ LED sign: $200-$500.

3′ by 5′ LED sign: $1,000+.

Some normal LED signage sizes are 24″ by 24″ (95 cubic inches), 36″ by 36″ (130 cubic inches), 48″ by 48″ (167 cubic inches) and 60″ by 24″ (131 cubic inches). 

Complexity Of Design

If you want any extra images or logos added to your neon sign, the price tag will undoubtedly go up. A simple graphic will, of course, cost less than a detailed and complex graphic. Multiple colors requested will expand the cost, as well. Neon signs are very similar to fluorescent lights since they need to be heated and bent into specific shapes. The more shapes and graphics needed, the longer the project will take to complete. 

Amount Of Text

Numbers and letters cab affect the total cost of the sign. The more text on the sign, the higher the cost.

Custom Neon Sign Costs 2022

Smaller Neon Signs Will Cost Less

It should be understood that smaller signage will cost less, overall. A lot of that has to do with the process by which these signs are created. The neon signs need to be heated to a point where the glass is malleable and able to be bent into different patterns and/or shapes. Lettering can be added at this time. These signs are typically made by hand, so the more complexity, the longer the process will take. 

How Are Neon Signs Made?

All of the vibrant colors you see in the final product are crafted by all different types of coatings and gasses. Neon gasses are used to create nearly half of the neon signage coloring. This includes red, orange and pink colors. There are a few alternatives to neon lighting, though. LED lighting is a perfect example of this. LED lights tend to be more durable and water resistant.

Other Signage Choices

There are all sorts of alternatives, ranging in size and materials. LED signage is typically meant for the front of stores, costing anywhere from $1,000-$10,000+. Other digital signs can cost between $5,000-$100,000+. Your best option is to contact a local provider to see which type of sign works best for your needs!

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