Wayfinding Signage
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What is Wayfinding Signage?

Wayfinding is in reference to informational systems that guide individuals through a tangible environment and increase their comprehension and experience of the area.

Wayfinding Signage for Complexes

This type of signage is particularly important in difficult built environments like urban centers, healthcare and/or educational complexes, and transportation service areas. Because architectural environments are becoming more convoluted, individuals need visual cues like maps, directions, and images to assist in guiding them to their final destination. In these sometimes high-stress setting, effective wayfinding signage contributes to a feeling of well-being, safeguarding, and security.

Wayfinding Signage for Urban Environments

In urban environments, wayfinding professionals create signage and informational systems for both foot traffic and drivers, who each have their own distinct difficulties navigating through streets and roadways. These informational systems aid individuals in developing “mental-maps” of the area and streamline their routes to the highest degree possible.

Wayfinding Signage for Healthcare Complexes

Healthcare complexes present an unusual set of navigational difficulties. Usually, these setting have developed over the years and encompass several buildings. Making navigation through the buildings difficult. Additionally, patients and family members that visit healthcare complexes are usually under strain. Wayfinding systems can assist in reducing their strain by offering easy-to-understand signage and clear directions to get them to their destinations. In many environments, dependent on text-based messaging is reduced and systems depend heavily on image cues like colors and/or symbols.

Wayfinding Signage for Transportation Environments

In transportation environments like airports, travelers require information to guide them from the road to the airport, through airport and then to their terminal. Here, these systems offer directional guidance through a thoughtfully planned series that conveys information to users at essential decision points throughout their journey.

Extensive wayfinding systems sometimes mix signage, maps, images, colors, and other types of communication. More and more, they incorporate mobile apps, digitalized displays, RFID, and other types of wireless technologies.

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