Business Signs Costs In Ogden, Utah 2024
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Types of Business Signs

Business signs get the curiosity of possible customers. With a wide range of various types of signs for businesses, each providing its own individual advantages. At Davis Signs Utah, we pride ourselves with over thirty years of experience in the design, fabrication, installation, and maintenance of exterior business signage. Read on to discover the types of commercial business signs available for your individual business requirements.

Pylon Signs

Also called internally illuminated or externally illuminated signs, pylon signs offer ideal visibility since they are free-standing. As steel structures they usually reach a minimum of twelve feet high and are installed on concrete foundations. To enhance their visibility moreover, these business signs depend on energy efficient LEDs to light them. These types of exterior signage can come in single- or double-sided and can also be utilized to display signage for several businesses in an area. A lot of times, businesses choose to install pylon signs close to the street or major highways/freeways to direct customers to their location.

Monument Signs

Occasionally a business needs an exterior sign that has a lower profile. Also called ground signage, these signs are installed low to the ground, commonly showing the desired message usually at eye level or even lower. Completely customizable, these kinds of business signs come in an assorted range of shapes and sizes and usually feature a ornamental base.

Post Signs

Sometimes known as pole signs, these signs rest on a singular post. Post signs usually only display just one business name. These signs sometimes are installed alongside other sign types, like a marquee that offers the ability to change letters or an electronic message center (EMC) to show seasonal specials and exclusives.

Channel Letters

For a more modern and finished appearance, signs with channel letters can fulfill the requirements of a business. These types of exterior signs, have individually cut-out channel letters that spell out a business’s name or show a logo, adding an executive look to any store front. Various types include halo lit channeled letters and LED channeled letters. These types of business signs use neon or low volt LEDs to light letters from the inside.

Dimensional Letters

Similar to channel letters, separately cut dimensional letters that comprise of a business name or show a customized logo. Nevertheless, hollowed internal channels allow illumination in channel letters, while dimensional letters are produced from a solid panel of acrylic or stainless steel. Consequently, signs that have dimensional letters usually look flat because they don’t surpass more than a couple of inches in depth.


Occasionally called lighted canopy signs or illuminated awnings, this type of business sign comprises of a vinyl topped canopy and maybe be lit from the inside. Awnings offer a budget friendly way to add an appealing, striking attribute to the front of any building or storefront.

Wayfinding Signs

Perfect for challenging to navigate areas—like hospital areas, business complexes, or shopping malls—wayfinding signs produce a sense of unity and brand visibility at the same time guiding visitors to destination. This type of signage some time works well when combined with other types, like a monument sign. Wayfinding signs can feature directories, colored maps, or other ux features.

Electronic Message Signs

Sometimes called digital outdoor signs or LED signs these types of signs look unbelievably modern and provide flexibility. Available in a plethora of styles, EMS range from solid-colored to high-res video. Using these signs, the capability to change the message displayed from any computer at the touch of a keystroke offers simpleness for a business. Any business that often requires to show newer information might benefit from the advantages of EMS.

Blade Signs

Sometimes called projecting signs, the design of blade signs enables for installing perpendicular to the wall of a building. This type of sign heightens the visibility of your business from the sidewalk, enticing higher amounts of foot-traffic. When lit from the inside, blade signs offer further increased visibility throughout the night.

Business Sign Estimates in Salt Lake City, Utah

Davis Signs Utah can provide free sign estimates for customers from Ogden to Salt Lake City and surrounding areas. Get a free building sign estimate by giving Davis Signs Utah a call today at 801-823-3100.

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